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Surgery is Over!

Posted Jan 08 2010 10:41am
What a long and exhausting day this has been!  We were up at 4a.m. to leave at 5a.m. to be at hospital at 6:30a.m.

We got lost ~ we (hubby and I) got into huge arguement over me not getting correct directions! I did, they were just confusing. ~ by the time we turned around ~ we missed our exit AGAIN! ~ Again I got yelled at! (as our 14yr. old is sitting in back with Jonathon) poor Andrew and Jonathon. ~ I am so over getting yelled at! ~ so I called hospital to let them know what was going on. ~ they were fine and said to take our time ~ we woke to a snowstorm ~ roads were horrendous! ~ we were only 10 minutes late. ~ and by now I was a little ticked off!

We stayed with Jonathon til 7:35a.m. and then they took him back.  Even though this was a much simpler surgery than OHS, it still crushed me to watch my baby get wheeled away. ~ We went to the next waiting area and then Andrew and I hurried to go get a drink ~ I forgot my Gatorade at home. ~ and most everyone knows I "NEED" that! ~while we were gone (2 minutes) someone had come out and let my husband know that yes they would be taking the adnoids out too. ~ so we waited. ~ not very long and they came to get us to go to another room to wait for the Dr. ~ as we are sitting and waiting Gilbert and I hear a scream ~ "Is that Jonathon?"  First time we weren't sure. ~ but when that door opened again and I heard it again ~ a mother just knows ~ "IT WAS MY BABY!"

Trying to hold composure til Dr. came in.  He talked with us really quick and then someone would be out to get us in about 20 - 30 minutes he said. As he was leaving the room a nurse was walking in to get us. ~ Thank God! ~ Dr. was surprised. ~ i didn't care ~ just get me to my baby. ~ I walked into recovery ~ to Jonathon screaming and thrashing all about ~ trying to come out of the anesthesia ~ They gave him to me and I just "hugged   him sooooo tight and talked to him"  ~ And yes lots of tears from mommy too ~ After a few minutes we both settled down. ~ he drifted in and out of sleep ~ took maybe 30 to 45 minutes to get him to drink ~ then he felt better. ~ we were dressed and on the road by 9:30a.m. "HOORAY!"

We were half way home when Jonathon vomitted all over! ~ Luckily we were able to pullover and luckily I always pack way too much stuff!  I was able to clean him up and carseat and change his clothes and we were off again.

got home around 10:30a.m. ~ He has had a little bit of water and just a few bites of jello.  I know he is hungry ~ but his throat is bothering him ~ rocked him to sleep and I think I will give him Tylenol later so then maybe he will be able to tolerated the jello.

I have to put drops in his ears ~ 3 drops 3x per day for 3 days and then we go for a recheck in 3 weeks. ~ It will be really weird tonight when I don't have to do the Little Noses.

Happy to be home ~ Happy Jonathon is resting ~ Happy surgery was a success!

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