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Superior Precision Eyewear for Children who are Special

Posted by DianeM

Hi everyone!

 Wanted to let you know that there is a company that sells specially designed eyewear for children with Down syndrome and other special needs. You can find out more from the website at Hope you have time to check this out! It's done wonders for my daughter and so many other children throughout the world! Olivia's glasses no longer slide down her nose all the time and she wears them all the time now!!

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This is a great site.  I've worked with people with developmental disabilities for 17 years and this is a great resource.  Additionally, a good optometrist should be able to fit non-verbal or those with developmental disabilities.  There is special device that can even figure out the presciption for infants.  You need to ask the office first.  Often times, you can receive excellent service at low or no cost at optometry schools.
Just ordered our first pair from specs4us for my daughter who is 18 months and has been wearing glasses (-9) since she was 5 months, but we have struggled always keeping them from sliding down her face. I can't wait to get our glasses and see the difference.
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