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Summer Travel Journal Part 3: Hanging Out with Dr. C's Family

Posted Aug 24 2011 11:24pm
 The boys got to try on Grandpa R's Green Beret.  Very cool...although I'm not entirely sure that they understood the significance of it other than "Grandpa's neat hat."  T-Man kept wanting to wear it like he was a Newsie.
What's with the one squinty eye?

Miss B took over the Flintstone car like she'd had her license for years and was cruising around in her hot rod. 
 One night involved some intense games of capture-the-flag.  I think the girl's team only one once; but hey, at least we won, right?

They have a cool is that?!?

Fearless and T-Man got in a water fight. 
Fearless thought he had the only water gun.
 Until Uncle C brought out the BIG gun.  And when I say BIG, I mean in T-Man needed help picking it up once it was full of water. 

That thing was like a fire hose.

Fearless didn't stand a chance after that!

 Thank goodness for all of the family members that cheered her back up; she's so much more pleasant to be around when she's not screaming her head off.

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