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Stranded in Bulgaria

Posted Apr 20 2010 4:25am
My friends from Reece's Rainbow, Shelley and Leah (& Shelley's newly adopted son Kullen) are literally stranded in Bulgaria. The culprit is a cloud of ash... conveniently parked directly above ... us, the UK. Of course it is covering much more than us but it being above us is why they most likely won't be flying through London when they DO get to go home. This is really probably only disappointing to me lol since I was really hoping to get to meet them all In Real Life! lol

Well, the saga has been horrendous for them. Emotional, Frustrating, Frightening, Overwhelming... and yet they still have been so strong and well if you read Leah's blog, still able to meet the challenge with a bit of humour!

And these two amazing women have been to Serbia and Bulgaria not just to finish Shelley and Robert's adoption of Kullen, but for their new programme for Reece's Rainbow , Connecting the Rainbow . They were bringing boxes and boxes of therapy and support products to the parents there who have taken the brave step of KEEPING their child with Down Syndrome. These parents are brave because in those countries it is unheard of to keep a child with a disability. But praise God they are helping to raise awareness and get these kids out of the orphanages and institutions by KEEPING THEM OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Anyway, back to Shelley and Leah being stranded. The problem they are facing now is the enormous cost for tickets once they get to Italy, the only place they can hopefully get to that would get them to the US.

If you can help them, will you? Leah has a donate button on her blog and so does Shelley. Leah's need is slightly more urgent than Shelley's as Shelley's husband is in the military and they can help them a bit but they both need funds urgently. So, here is the link to Leah's blog and here is the link to Shelley's .

As always, thank you for any and all help you can give, the most important of all is through your prayers!

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