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Special Exposure Wednesday ~ Terrible Twos

Posted Sep 29 2009 10:02pm
5 Minutes for Special Needs

Preston has a very serious case of the terrible twos! This kid is NONSTOP!! Yikes! I know it's a cliche' but I really, REALLY wish I could bottle his energy! Of course, last week, he did cause a plumbing mishap (which is totally worth reading... it's short and funny at our expense!) Real quick, I'll give you the update regarding that. Daddy removed the toilet gagging and puking the whole time with Preston standing in the doorway saying "Daddy wud you dewwing?" Then, Anthony, comes around the corner asking, "Dad, what are you doing?" To which Preston decided to answer for him by saying, "He doing (insert wretching sounds)!" It was hilarious! But a moment later, I heard Preston exclaim, "Daddy! You founda da phone!"

Okay so back to today! Preston's halloween costume came in a couple weeks back and I tried it on him today. Preston immediately transformed into Sportacus in looks, but less in acrobatic skills although he did try:

Of course, it was bound to happen and little Sportacus eventually fell flat on his face and bloodied his little nose:

But that still didn't stop him. After a good cry and a wiping of his nose he was back to his acrobatic stunts. Only a couple hours later, now out of costume, Preston tried his hand at artistry while Mommy went potty:

Did I mention there is a toddler for sale real cheap?
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