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Sorry Honey.....

Posted Jun 24 2008 6:08pm
Okay, so apparently when I was making fun of myself for not figuring out the computer the first night we got it, and I told you all that Andy didn't figure it out either, well it hurt his feel real bads.....So honey, I just want you to know that I am very sorry, I know that you only messed with it for maybe 10 minutes, and it was in the dark. You were loving on Rhett and not worried about the stupid computer, which is why you came up here to begin with, not for the computer. You are very smart and computer savvy, where as I am a complete computer dork and know nothing about it. I love you.

(Whaddya think, was that a good apology?)

Andy has had it rough while I have been gone. One of his good friends that he used to work with lost his wife to cancer, and he had to go to the viewing and funeral by himself. Then another friend from his old job fell asleep at the wheel while in Pennsylvania and him and his family have been in critical condition. That, and he is stuck at home worrying about his littlest little bird, and is having a hard time.

BTW, baby, did you get your spark plugs changed in the truck? Is it running better?

So now for another Rhett update. He has been on super slooooooowwwww feeds all day today, and he pooped. Wow, that was bad. He hasn't had his laxatives because he has been on IV fluids, and they don't make laxatives in an IV form. So his poo was hard, and his little tummy muscles hurt so dang bad while he was trying to push it out. He was screaming, climbing up me, pulling our my hair, gagging, it was just awful.

I can imagine how he feels too, because I remember when I had my ectopic pregnancy. That first time I went it hurt so bad, it felt like my insides were going to pop out. My surgery was done laproscopically not open, so I can imagine it was ten times worse for Rhett given the surgery he has had. My poor little fella.

We did get out of our room today though. We went for a wagon ride down to the fountains in front of the hospital, then we went to the playroom for about 15 minutes. He played with the dinosaur that you put the balls in like his one that he has at home. After about 10 times, he signed all done and went to his wagon. I took that as his cue, and we came back to the room.

After that he lost his IV so we had to put a new one in. Thank heavens there was one tiny vein by his right thumb that they were able to get it into in one poke. It was a tiny one, and it was a long shot, but we got it in. To tell you the truth I am amazed that he has kept the one in his foot since Monday. Usually we are putting one in every day.

So this all happened within two hours of each other and he is not a happy camper tonight. We have been putting hot packs on his tummy because they stopped his morphine cold turkey, and he is a little more uncomfortable than he has been. But he is also more with it, and getting back to himself since we stopped it too.

I think between the Toradol and Tylenol we should make it through this. Our next step is to go down to Loratab, or Tylenol with Coedine.

His surgeon came in this afternoon and said we should hopefully get to go home this weekend. I would imagine around Saturday or Sunday. We just gotta get this pain under control. It's hard to get him up and walking when he is constantly hooked up to Oxygen, a feeding pump, and his IV. I am so afraid he is going to rip this G-tube out. He is so wild.

Here he is this morning chilling out watching Elmo......

His color is getting better don't you think?

Aunt Kristie came to visit today, and helped us go for our walk. Lord knows I can't pull a wagon and a monstrosity of a IV pole, AND keep a two year old in the wagon all by myself.......

Outside getting some fresh air.....

Playing in the FYZ playroom.....

Look at my owie on my cheeky.....stupid tegaderm!!

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