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Posted Feb 04 2012 12:00am
We had our first major snowfall of the winter here! It started Thursday night and kept falling and falling and by Friday morning we were up over a foot of snow! Around 4:30am we got the call that school was cancelled. Hallelujah! The snow fell all day yesterday too and it was COLD and windy, so the kids and I hibernated inside. We watched lots of movies, ate way too much, and the kids played a lot of Wii! It was a great, much needed, lazy day.

Our backyard this morning

And our front yard...
There's a street out there, somewhere!

This morning the snow stopped falling and the sun is shining so the kids were excited to get their snow gear on and head out the door... first though I decided I would make some snow cream!

Yum yum!!

Then we all headed outside (except for Kellsey who was oh so happy to stay warm inside!) and I started shoveling the piles of snow off our driveway while the kids found a friend and started sledding down our cul-de-sac...

During this time I was shoveling away and a neighbor from across the street had mercy on me and came over to help me finish up. Lord bless him!!

After we got the driveway mostly clear, Kameron figured out that the sleds work a lot better on the slicker surfaces, so they moved over there and had a blast sliding. Kennedy decided she had had enough and went in to get warm! Her poor little hands were like ice!

Now we are all inside, defrosting and are about to drink some hot chocolate.

Snow days are awesome!!
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