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Snotty noses. Toys. And the potty.

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:02pm
I have given it several days, however the snot is overwhelming our house. The girls' noses are running like faucets ... no fever, just snot. I took them to the pediatrician this morning, since their schools seem to think they should not be in school, even with just a runny nose.

Umm ... I'm pretty sure it is going to be a long winter if a runny nose keeps kids from school.

Final diagnosis ... Nika - ear infection and sinus infection, Payton - a cold.

A cold? While that may very well be, I got a script for an antibiotic anyway. Payton's teeny tiny nasal passages make it hard for her to kick a cold like the average kid, thus eventually causing infection.

So antibiotics it is. Thank the Lord. Come to us clear noses ... come to us.



While I was waiting for the girls' prescriptions to be filled at Target, we walked through the toy aisles to see what is out there this year. I'm so flustered at what to get the kids for Christmas.

Will there ever be a toy that they love so much that is doesn't end up separated into 14 different pieces and spread throughout all three levels of our house?

I know I'm getting Mason this and I really want to get the girls a doll house ... but which one? I like the wooden ones, but I'm not sure what to get. Something without tons of little pieces would be fantastic. Ha.

Mason has circled every toy in the Toys R Us book, that I can't even use it as a guide. Any suggestions? What are your kids getting for Christmas this year ... or what are they asking for? Help!


Potty training Payton has been one really, long drawn out process. She has stayed dry in her pull up during the day for a really long time ... I just have been nervous to take the plunge.

I did it.

I have had her in undies all week, during the day. She has done great, with me pulling her to the bathroom to make sure she goes. We can't wait for the day that she tells us every time she has to go ... that day might not come soon.

So it is on us.

She has had less than one accident per day ... and the one accident was totally my fault. I knew she probably needed to go, but we got to dancing in the basement and well, you know what comes next.

The true test will be seeing how she does at school. They are now taking her twice during the time she is at school, and this has worked for her. I haven't sent her to school at all this week ...ya know, because of her runny nose. So we will see.

Fingers crossed!
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