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Slow Melt

Posted Feb 06 2011 10:03pm
The snow is gradually starting to melt. Yesterday's temperature reached 42* which was enough to melt part of the snow on the driveway and all of the monstrous icicles hanging off of the house. I joke you not, we had one outside of the bedroom window that was 4 feet long! I spent sometime outside taking pictures.

outside the bedroom window

really liking the sports setting on the camera.

outline of Aiden's sandbox

Aiden's beloved slide

snowball anyone?

thought this would be a really cool picture

icicle curtain on neighbour's house

I made Chris take me and Aiden to the store just to get out of the house. Walmart is completely out of everything, but I didn't care. Still spent money on crap we really didn't need.

The main roads are pretty much cleared. There is one road around the corner that is curved. Apparently, that is the road the idiots decide to take since daily cars are being eaten by the ditch on either side of the road. I'm not really sure why the town's street department doesn't block it off. Earlier tonight the sheriff's deputy who lives around the corner from us got stuck in psycho neighbour's yard. That was entertaining. Chris went out and helped her get her truck out.

I got the email notification that school will again not be in session tomorrow. Honestly, I think it would be a lot less time consuming if they sent an email out for when school will resume. But I don't think the Little Boy will be returning to school this week. We're scheduled for more snow on Tuesday.

Aiden is tired of being cooped up. He still doesn't want anything to do with the snow, but he's tired of being inside. And his attitude and actions are reflecting that. I can completely sympathize with Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining. I'm about to lose it myself.  I can also understand why some species resort to cannibalism. What I don't understand is how people in northern Canada and Alaska live like this. I have come to the conclusion I could not do it for more than 2 weeks. Hopefully, I wont have to.

My nook is newly stocked with fresh books thanks to a coupon from $10 got me a $20 gift certificate for Barnes & Noble. I downloaded 7 new books today. I have 40 on there that I have yet to read though. I think I'll be skipping the one with polar bear in the title for the time being. I have a feeling that the paw prints I saw in the front yard belong to one of them. LOL!!! No, just kidding. Probably one of the neighbourhood stray cats chasing after the birds.

Speaking of birds, the dog has gone into hunter mode during Snow Hell. Apparently some birds thought that they would get out of the snow by residing in our sun room. I noticed the dog had one in his mouth while trying to catch another one the other day. He's a schnauzer for Pete's sake! I tried telling him that he would have to drop the one to catch the other. He didn't listen though. I guess you can't reason with a dog.
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