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Sick. Sick. And pretty much sick.

Posted Mar 15 2009 4:28pm
Oi ... what a week.

Monday started off with Payton refusing to walk. After running around barefoot in the nice weather all last weekend, she injured her left foot. I didn't see any splinters, so I figured she must have bruised it. She was not screeching in pain {as if it was broken} ... she would just sit and whimper until I carried her.

So no school on Monday for Payton ... I mean, she wouldn't walk!

By Tuesday ... the snot, cough and fever had rolled into town. Payton had all three ... Nika just had snot.

So no school on Tuesday for Payton either.

These yuckies lasted all week, with Nika's progressively getting worse and with wheezing coming to town to visit Payton.

So no school for Payton on Thursday or Friday either.Although if I were a really good mom, I would have known that Friday was a teacher in-service day and I wouldn't have shown up in the carpool lane to drop off Mason, all the while wondering where everyone else was.

I took Payton to the doctor on Friday to make sure it wasn't anything more than a virus ... and I wanted them to take a look at her foot. Although she began limping on it by late Monday, she was still favoring it by Friday. They agree that she probably just bruised it and to give her motrin to reduce swelling for healing. If that doesn't work within a couple days, then I will be asking fr xrays. They also swabbed her for strep, which was negative.

Last night Nika went downhill fast. In addition to her snot, she is now barking like a seal. My poor baby. No fever though ... yet. Can you say croup?

So late this afternoon, Payton was laying on me. I could tell something was wrong, as she had just woke up from her nap and she was so lethargic. A couple minutes later ... vomit everywhere.


And on top of all of this I am also barking like a seal.


Before bed, I flushed out the girls' noses, dosed them up on cold medicine and layered the Vicks on their chests. Mmm ... I love Vicks. I put some on my own chest too. Reminds me of my childhood. You think it matters if my Vicks expired like ... say, five years ago? Haha.
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