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Sick Day #5 and a Hearing Screening

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:30pm
Aiden woke up shortly before 7:30 this morning. I fixed his morning milkshake and he drank it while still in bed. He then was ready to get up for the day. As we were walking out of the bedroom, he started coughing and we went to the bathroom.

Aiden passed gas, so I knew he was getting ready to poo. And there is a correlation between going poo and coughing. If he strains too hard going poo, he will choke and then vomit. Anyone else had this happen? So, while Aiden was standing up at the toilet releasing some of his stomach contents, he pooed in his diaper. Once he was finished, he was good to go.

Aiden played in the living room with his toys until time to get dressed to leave for his hearing test. The temperature outside today was 18*, so I went outside, loaded my stuff in the Jeep, and got it started - barely. Since we haven't been anywhere all week and with the below humane temperatures, it had to crank some.

Aiden was bundled in his recliner and we drove the 40 minutes to the EI office. While waiting on the audiologist, Aiden's service coordinator came out and asked how Aiden was doing. We are going to bump up his EI Speech to twice monthly for these last remaining months. And then the word was mentioned. This will have to be a-whole-nother post, because I have a ton of feelings and emotions thoughts and questions about that....

EI Audiologist comes up to retrieve Aiden and myself. We go down to her office with the sound proof booth and we talked about Aiden having the tummy bug, so he may not want to cooperate too much. She put the tympogram doo-hickey in his left ear (non - registering ear) and it registered. The tube is still open. She put the doo-hickey in his right ear and it registered. That tube is still open, though he does have some waxy build up.

She then left the booth, shut the door and started in on the sounds. Aiden was turning his head, laughing and clapping with all but one really low (the lowest, in fact) pitch. He even acknowledged the "big boy sounds" and Audiologist laughed with delight. She is happy with the results, so no trip to OKC for Aiden. This is good news, yes?

She does want Aiden to come back in before his 3rd birthday for another test, so we'll go back in August before school starts.

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