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Posted Oct 17 2008 6:18pm

I haven't updated on my girl for a little while. She is doing great. And looking forward to toys this year for Christmas. This is the first year that Gabi has really got into Christmas. She seems to recognize it more this year.

Well today, I took Gabi to get her hair cut. I had considered letting her bangs grow out, but I really can't stand them in her eyes. So maybe we will attempt that another time. I can think of many adjectives to describe Gabi, but shy isn't one I would usually use. But as she sat at the salon getting her hair cut, the stylist was talking to her about all sorts of things. I only had to interpret a few things. She understood most of what Gabi had to say. Gabi somehow got into the conversation about her microphone that she got for her birthday. The stylist asked Gabi if she likes to sing and she replied, "I love to sing with my microphone." So, the girl asked Gabi to sing her a song. Her face changed to a shy look, she gave a nervous laugh and said, "No, I am not gonna sing right now." It was so odd to see this from her. I really think it's the first time in her entire life that I have ever seen a hint of shyness.

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