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Seriously, we're still alive...

Posted Jan 10 2010 8:33pm
I feel badly that I've been neglecting the blog these past weeks. First it started with my being horribly sick. Fortunately that's finally coming to an end, and thankfully, somehow, I was the only one who caught it.
Lately it's more just things happening here at home. Nothing too new really, and nothing with V or the immediate family, but with the extended family we share our property with.
Sadly, as much as I would love to vent and ask for some advice, I just can't bring myself to write about it. It's something I never though we would have to deal with and something that throws me completely out of my element.
My biggest priority of late has been to keep the kids from being affected by it and that will continue to be my struggle until we somehow get this resolved. Ultimately if we can't put an end to this it will mean that we are going to have to leave the home where Carmen spent his childhood behind, possibly for good.
The "how" is our conscern with very little, other than unemployment income. Needless to say it's been a pretty stressful time. This has been brewing for a while and sadly we were wrong in the hopes that those with the power would put things right.
I know I'm ranting about a subject I refuse to even write about.. thanks for putting up with it...

As for us, I honestly haven't even uploaded our Christmas or New Years pictures yet. I've been slacking.
I do plan to do it soon and when I do I promise I'll share. Thanks for staying with us and hopefully it will all be worth the wait. We did manage to have a happy holiday and the kids had a blast!
God Bless.
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