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Sensory Processing

Posted Jan 14 2010 4:45pm

I’m so behind on posting updates, especially about Joey! Last week, I went to a PPT for Joey regarding the Sensory Procesing evaluation that his school sent in a specialist to do at the begining of the school year.

The evaluation was performed by an Occupational Therapist that specializes in kiddos with sensory processing difficulties, and also by Joey’s therapy staff at his school. With all the tests/ evaluations that were done, they came to the conclusion that Joey does indeed have the Sensory Processing Disorder/ Sensory Intergration Disorder.

I knew in my heart that Joey had this sensory disorder before they even diagnosed him. After reading several books on it over the summer, I just knew it. I’ve seen so many other kiddos who have Down syndrome who also have sensory problems but there’s times that Joey just “shuts down” when he gets over stimulated and it’s so sad. It breaks my heart that so many everyday things that don’t bother most kids, upset Joey the way that they do.

Certain sounds/ activities, he squats down towards the ground and covers his ears. It really does break my heart. But thankfully, the OT who performed the evaluation gave many ideas/ strategies to use with Joey to help make it less sensitive to activities that may overwhelm him.

I’m so grateful to have such an awesome, supportive school staff that is willing go out of their way to help Joey out!

I’ve also started taking Joey to weekly feeding therapy appointments at CT Childrens Medical Center and she is also going to be working on sensory related therapies with him as well.

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