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Screened positive, Diagnostics negative, but ADD this common?

Posted by Judy C. Facebook

I just talked to a new friend that has the identical issue.  I had my son at 34; We were flagged at risk for Downs syndrom in the screening but the diagnostic amnio test "cleared" my boy and I.  He has had sleeping issues ALL his life, sweating, thrashing, and now sleeps many times with one leg up and the other crossed over as though he was sitting.  He's always dealt with constipation, but his diet stinks.  His sense of right and wrong is not normal...he's prone to telling stories and has a disproportionate emotional reaction with what he considers to be unjust or not in his favor.  He's had a chronic learning disorder all through his school life.  He has a rough time reading and couldn't stop to take a note to save his life, because he just can't restart; he loses track.  I learned about passive ADD when he entered high school, and had to force the school to be responsible, which they have been since, however it was caught too late to have saved my boy from having attitude problems.  He hates school.  He's a whiz at math and tests above average in everything, but he's pulling straight Ds in Science, Lit and Social Studies because he just doesn't care.

In talking to a new friend, I found that she had the same testing results, and her son is the same...passive ADD (normally seen in girls.)

Is there a connection that we are not aware of here?  Is it possible we were cleared falsely (HMOs...)  I read about the Downs connection to ADD, emotional issues, gastro issues, and the sleeping disorders.  My boy doesn't have the facial representations, in fact he had a big round head and a strong neck holding it up as a baby.  He's always been undersized, but he's half Asian; his Dad is 1" shorter than my 5'5" so we didn't think anything of that.  His face looked just like his sister as a little one, but on a basketball.  At 4 he wore a bicycle helmet for an 8-12 year old, but he's grown out of that.  His eating habits are poor.  Doesn't seem to have celiac...lives on milk, meat, and rice no problem with bread, hates fresh veggies.

I've never been satisfied with the ADD solution, didn't seem to cover everything.  Please let me know if you see any connections.

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