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Saturday Night

Posted Sep 14 2008 5:23pm

On Saturday Vincent amazed us by sleeping till 7 am. So well rested we walked around in downtown Salzburg and saw some sights. It is a really beautiful city and we decided to come back for the Christmas market in December. It was fun to be touristing again with Bookie and of course with Vincent!

In the afternoon we had two workshops on communication (sign language and early reading skills for children with DS). They were both really interesting, but a little too theoretical. And the sign language class focused a lot on kids who may not learn to speak at all. But it was still interesting. But a great thing was that the lady (therapist and mother of a 17 year old w DS) who held the sign language workshop is working at the same place as Vincent’s therapist, so she is a local here in town and we talked to her afterwards. She told us to come by any time if we wanted to talk.

At night we had dinner at the conference center again and we got to know Peter, a very good drummer, and a 21-year-old with DS. He had played at the opening ceremony the night before and we had the honor to sit at his table on Saturday night. After a while his parents wanted him to come with them to the church of the evening service, but he wanted to stay and hang with us, mainly with Bookie. We said he could, and he stayed and talked to us. By now, many people had left. A little boy probably around 7 years old (also with DS) walked around to all tables and played waiter and asked what we wanted to order. He then told us we had to change seats before he could bring the food. It ended up being a great Meet and Greet session, and I met a few other mothers J However, something funny happened to us as soon as Peter’s parents had left. They had just walked out the door, when the real waitress walked by and asked if we wanted something else. Peter immediately ordered a large beer. Not a small or medium, a very large. Bookie and I, being total rookies in the DS world, had no clue if this was OK or not, so Bookie asked Peter if this was OK. He said “Sure, My Mum lets me drink beer”. So we figured that it was OK. (It later turned out that it was OK). We spent the next hour with Peter and it was great for us. A relaxed evening, where we learned a lot, laughed a lot, and really enjoyed ourselves. Before we left, we decided to meet Peter again on Sunday.


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