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Saira gets glasses at 5 months

Posted Apr 23 2009 12:00am

Saira started wearing glasses when she was 5 months old, we had a strange feeling that her eyes were not in order as she was not focusing on things  and they were constantly moving from side to side and up and down. After we had them checked, she was diagnosed with high myopia (between -10 and -9) which was a real shock for us, but we had to get her glasses as she had to start seeing, our poor darling hadn't had the chance to even see us up until then. Finding glasses her size was the next challenge, but thankfully since I was in Dubai we had more options and choices and were able to get her a small pair. She has been wearing her glasses ever since and today she is 9 months, and her power has gone down to -7.5 I just pray it keeps on getting less.............

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