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Posted Aug 23 2008 10:58pm
Top Five Reasons I haven't been posting on this blog much lately:

5. I broke the lens on the camera I got for Christmas. It's getting repaired...but until then, I've been feeling a little lost without it. I should get my camera back any day now and will be able to post some photos soon.

4. D.Q. is back from Paris and we've been having fun together.

3. My son is driving me crazy. This afternoon he seemed bored so I decided to take him for a drive to do a couple of errands. In the space of less then an hour, he:

a)hugged a bewildered teen aged boy in the smoothie shop (he also kissed him on the neck, but I'm blocking that out as if it didn't la la).

b) when he was supposed to wait in the car for me, he left to go investigate a cell phone store. I was only gone for one minute and when I got back to the car he was nowhere to be found. It scared me half to death. I started calling for him and a lady came out of the store to tell me he was there.

c) When I stopped to drop DQ off at work, he got out of the car and went into her work place (at the community center). I had DQ park the car real quick while I followed him into the center. I saw that he was about to mow down a toddler in his path. When I tried to slow him down he yelled at the top of his lungs. The entire community center immediately got quiet. (That's hard to do!!)

2. I've had a big decision to make the last couple of weeks and I've been spending all of my "spare" time contemplating.

1. I didn't want to blog about the decision I needed to make until after I made it. Now I've made the decision, but need to make sure that the people effected by it will hear it from me in person before I blog about it.

Thanks for hanging in here with me. I'm hoping things improve soon and I can find my words again.
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