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Ramble ramble

Posted Sep 04 2009 10:40pm
The funny thing about PT is, I've always liked Eun, our PT, and I've always thought she was good at what she does. I've never questioned her methods until recently, and even when she first started using the weights on Finn's ankles, I didn't think much of it until the horrified comments started rolling in here. And reading in Disability is Natural how, often for the sake of therapy, we subject our children to things that cause them discomfort that we would never subject our "typical" children to. I've even thought to myself, where Finn is concerned, "No pain, no gain." And I just feel sad and a little ashamed now.

He's not a collection of problems to fix. And there have to be more natural methods of helping him gain strength and coordination, methods that can be integrated into his natural curiosity and motivation to play and explore. That's what I'm after. And that's what I believe we can accomplish on our own, as a family, without the intervention of professionals.

Michael and I are still talking about dropping EI services vs. keeping them. And in all honesty, the thought of giving it up does feel like a giant leap of faith on some level. And I hate that it feels that way. I hate that we've come to rely so heavily on the system, on the professionals provided to us by the system, that our faith in ourselves as parents is a little shaky.

In other news, Finn has recently cut a slew of teeth! Okay, maybe not a slew, but three, including a molar! This is his second batch of teeth, making it seven in all, and since he finally cut these last three, I have to say that he's been sleeping like . . . well, like a baby :) As in through the night most nights! Occasionally, he'll wake up once crying for me, but that I can totally deal with.

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