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"I Don't See What The Problem Is About Staying Up All Night..."

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:18pm

Last night, Jeremy stayed over a friends house for a slumber party... only there was no slumbering going on. When I got home from work last night, I was so tired from a VERY busy night at work that I told Ryan there is no way I could make it to church this morning. I went straight to bed. I was awoken 2 hours later by Ryan saying, "I was planning on letting you sleep longer, but Jeremy just called and said he is ready to come home and baby boy just fell asleep." I grumbled and made a few other sounds that let Ryan know I was conscious but barely.

I stumbled out of my room and was greeted by Gabi running up to me on the way to the couch saying, "Mommy, you awake!" I am not great company when I am this tired. I am down right grumpy. But even when I am tired, I still think of my children first. My husband would remark to me in reversed circumstances, "Just do what you would do if I weren't home." In other words, he would've wanted me to bring Preston and Gabi with me regardless of Preston just falling asleep. But the mom in me was concerned that Preston needed his nap, so I got up.

About 45 minutes later, Ryan and Jeremy got home. I asked Jeremy what the rush was to get home. He told me they were getting ready to go somewhere. Then he tells me, "I stayed up all night." "The whole night?" I asked. "The whole night, and I don't see what the problem is about staying up all night," he said. "Well, Jeremy, I am 36 years old and your a teen, so maybe it does make a difference." Did I mention I get grumpy when I am tired?

I stayed up about an hour later, and couldn't take it any longer. I went back to bed. Ryan woke me several hours later, and guess who fell asleep on the couch while I was sleeping? You guessed it. Jeremy did, and I quickly snapped the picture above. I tried to wake him so that he wouldn't have trouble sleeping tonight like I often do since I've slept so much during the day. Jeremy made a few grumbles much like I had earlier in the day for Ryan, but he didn't wake up.

Ryan finally got Jeremy awake, and boy was he grumpy! I think he was grumpier than me! I couldn't resist it any longer and sarcastically said, "'I don't see what the problem is about staying up all night'... Are you seeing a problem yet?" To which Jeremy replies, "I never said that!" But he did, and when I reminded him of the dialogue that I recited to you above, he couldn't deny it anymore. Somehow, I don't think I am going to get much more grief over my grumpiness on Sundays anymore.

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