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Q&A #97

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:13pm

I'll only comment if you promise that if you win you'll use the $100 to come down to Chattanooga. LOL
LOL Well we WILL come down to Chattanooga but if I win the money is going to Kellsey's adoption! :) We definitely need to get down there soon!

I think sending you the $100 bucks would have been easier than trying to figure out how to know my technical demensia disorder dysfunction disease I suffer from..caught while living in the hospital for almost a year! How did you not catch it? I heard it was a common thing mothers almost all contract??? Did you get a pill for relief? I need the RX pls...
LOL commenting isn't THAT hard is it?! I think it helped that I was online A LOT during our time in the hospital! LOL

Ya know, thinking about the school supplies--Ya know what I wish they'd include on the lists? Whether or not the supplies were expected to be shared with the class. I hate to sound cheap, but the supplies I buy would be a lot less expensive if I knew if they were going to be shared or not. For example: Ryan's list stated 24 #2 pencils. Well, instead of the $1 box of Papermates, I bought him the $9 box of triangular Ticonderogas (oh, and the $5 triangular crayola crayons vs the 20 cent round crayolas, too), because he needs the help with his grip. However, if they get dumped into a box w/ 24 pencils from each of the other 20 kids in his class.....he's rarely going to get to actually benefit from the triangular Ticonderogas, ya know? I'm tempted to attach a note to them that says if they are going to be shared, to please pass them along to the OT, so at least he'd benefit from them. I dunno.
That's a very good point... I buy my kids pencils with their names engraved on them... and then they're sure to get them... and their teachers probably hate me! Oh well! They get over it. I hope! :)

Renee, Even though the school system has said Kennedy does not qualify for school PT, since she will be receiving the two other services, ST & OT, if you and her teacher have concerns at any point during the school year, you can request the PT evaluate Kennedy again and at least make recommendations on how to make things safer and easier for Kennedy. Playground safety is a biggy and most teachers would welcome the input from the school PT.
Thanks! I will remember that! :) Good idea!

Why is it when you click on the link to a specific entry all the comments are there and you have to scroll all the way to the bottom?
I have no idea... just the way blogger set things up I guess!

So, I thought I'd post! Want to hear what I did this morning? Walked 4 miles to help save homeless pets...out little team collected $110 which is pretty good considering Hannah just found out about it last night...
That IS good! :)

Whew..busy schedule! Be careful with the cute clothes. I did the same for Carly, and ended up regretting. I think she ruined more new outfits than I can even count. I was NOT happy. Of course, the teachers in these parts let kindergartners use permanent markers. Ummm,HELLO??!!
Yeah... I've been there with Kassidy too... I about strangled the art teacher when she came home covered in permanent paint. It wasn't pretty. I'm going to send in a smock with Kennedy to use for art class. I'm not going to send her to school in ugly stained clothes. Just not gonna happen. LOL

I just posted this too but I only could link it, what am I doing wrong???
You need to post the embed code. For youtube videos you can find them at the end of the video or if you're at the actual site you can usually find it on the right side. Just copy the code and paste it right into the body of your blog post and it should work :).

The DC transportation question: It's been years since I've been to DC, but I remember a "trolley" or something similar that my family and I used to get from one attraction to another. I don't know if it's still in operation or how it works, but it wasn't a cab or the subway/metro. It was almost like a tourist cart of sorts. Is that still around?
Hmm I didn't see anything like that. They do Segway tours now though that look really fun! Not good for young kids of course though!

I specify what colors of folders they have to have :) Don't hate me! It makes it easier for me though. I can tell them to put it in the red folder, or to get out the blue folder- and everyone can follow!
Ahhhh!!!! LOL I guess I see how that would be easier... I just love letting the kids pick out their fun folders.

Dear Keeghan,
This is your mommy's friend, Jen. Well, I'm actually just a blog friend. Do you know what a blog is? Well, it is kind of like an online journal...nevermind. That's not important! I wanted to talk to you about your recent sleeping habits. Mommy says you woke up 8 times last night! Do you realize how many that is? No, um, okay. Hold up all your fingers, but not your thumbs. That is 8! Well, I guess you're right. It could have been more! Anyway...Mommy wanted me to let you know you need to SLEEP! What's that? Oh, okay. I'll tell her...

Dear Renee,
Keeghan says, "But I'm handsome!"
And you know, he's right! Sorry...I tried! :)

ROFL This cracked me up!

I've answered your question in an entire post that's found here. Have fun with that! I wish I'd spent more time devoted to learning the sciences such as biology and chemistry so that I'd learn to enjoy them and excel in them!
Great post! Thanks for sharing!!!

Renee could u kinda give me a update on how things have went last time I read its been a long time and I thought they had him and his heart was fine.. Am I totally behind or what??
Ohhh yes, Stellan is 8 months old he's been to Boston once already for an ablation and it looks like he may need another one and possibly a pacemaker. He's been up and down pretty much his whole life. The last few days have been really scary for his family though. That's a long story cut REALLY short. You can catch up on his blog.

By the way, how do you know how many hits your blog gets. Is there something I need to download to do that?
Go to Site Meter and sign up for a free account.

I would love to know how you have connected with so many people already.
I've been blogging for almost 2 years... hard to believe! And then before that Kennedy had a carepage and we knew a lot of people through there too. Your blogroll will slowly build the longer you are in the community.

What the heck did that guy give you in Disney?!?!?! LOL
OHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I forgot about that!!!!!!! OK I will find that tomorrow, I have to take a picture or it just won't have the same affect! And I will blog the whole story! It really IS a great story!!! Thanks for reminding me!!! :)

Praying for Frank's paperwork by the way - did it come?!
Ugh. No. GRRR. He's going to call them. Again. *sigh*

one thing . . an update on getting Kellsey home!
Unfortunately, there's not all that much to tell, but you can find the latest here. Sad, but true. All in God's timing!

OK if I haven't posted your suggestion/question in here, it's probably because I'm saving it for a future topic!!! Thanks for all your feedback today!!! :)

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