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Q&A #9

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm
She is sooooo cute!!! It looks like she's in a really good baby home huh? Hope she gets to come home soon though.
Yes, fortunately Kellsey is in a good baby home! We feel very blessed she has good caregivers and that we are getting to her before she goes to an institution! :)

Oh goodness, she is so adorable, your arms have to be aching to hold that precious little girl. If you are going to Kara's orphanage, maybe you can take some pictures of Kara to her orphanage for me.
Yes, I would love to take pictures of Kara for you!!! Please email me and I will send you my address and you can mail me some pictures!

This is such awesome news. So how much longer until you'll get to go get her now that you've actually got the paperwork you need? Frank is leaving again soon isn't he? I'm so excited for you.
We should be going very soon! Hopefully we'll have a travel date soon we can share with you! Frank will be deploying sometime next Spring.

I'm doing the Happy Dance for you! Are you going to be able to sleep tonight? :)
We have lost a lot of sleep the last couple weeks! LOL Both with excitement and paperwork frustration! I guess it's just part of the process! :)

Is it sad that the first thing I thought of when I read that was how excited I'm going to be to see your blog header/background when it changes to add in Kellsey!! haha only the important things!!!
LOL Yes me too! We have our photographer on standby! I can't wait to get a new FAMILY picture done! :)

Just curious tho., I see you still have like $11,000 left to raise. Does that hiccup interrupt your travel? Just curios on how all this works.
We are trusting God to provide, just as we have since the beginning of this process. He has brought us this far and we have faith that He will help us attain our goal. We have several people here in town working hard to help us bring Kellsey home and we are forever grateful! More on that soon!

Woohoo, great news! Any idea how long it generally takes for a country to get back to you? Or rather her country? I'm hoping not too long. How much longer do you have until Frank goes overseas again?
I'm not really sure... I think it depends on how busy they are? How many cases are ahead of us? Frank leaves in the Spring so Kellsey will be home LONG before that!

It was probably checked in two different places. Do you think it will make it there sooner than Tuesday? Seems like she's making good time ;).
Yes! I think it will! It left France at 8pm and midnight last night (STILL not understanding the 2 times!) so hopefully it will be there SOON!
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