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Q&A #163

Posted Oct 18 2010 9:00am
Great pictures! Amy is the mom of Kennedy's "fiance" Austin, right? (I didn't know if the wedding was still on...) I hope you are having/have had a great time. We don't get fall break... or midwinter break, we lost that... or Columbus Day (we lost that but took it anyway) or Veterans' Day (lost that too)... I don't know what the heck is going on around here. I'd better start paying attention to your homeschooling blog for practical reasons... 
Yes! That's Amy! :) Wedding is still on but we're going to have to work on those two! haha So... what vacations DO you get?! I can't believe they've taken all that away! Do you still get Spring Break? 

Hey Renee.. I noticed that in a lot of pictures of trips you and the kids take Kellsey in in a stroller... Does she walk slower or just feel more comfortable? I think you said something about not taking her out of the stroller at the zoo so she wouldn't be afraid of the animals but, is there any other reason?
The kids are all absolutely adorable!
It's a combination of things... she's content to sit in the stroller and observe everything around her, which is good for ME! LOL I have visions of Keeghan, Kellsey and Kennedy all running off in separate directions one day... which scares me. LOL None of them are runners, but still, I'm a little bit outnumbered! LOL And yes, she does definitely walk A LOT slower than the other kids which makes for an impatient Keeghan and a worn out Kellsey! LOL When she gets tired of walking she just sits down... wherever she is... and to HECK with the rest of us! LOL Also, it's a good spot for Kennedy and Keeghan to hang on to the bars of the stroller, and of course the added convenience of storage under the stroller and cup holders! ;) I'm all about not having to carry a ton of jackets or cups or shopping bags or... whatever! If we're going somewhere that doesn't require a lot of walking I won't bring the stroller, but if we're going to be there awhile, it's just easier for everyone - Kellsey included. 

I have a question- can adults with DS drive? I haven't ever seen it happen but then again I have never paid that much attention. If they are smart enough to be on the dean's list , surely they can learn to drive, no? Not sure if there are any legal rules for that or not...
Yes, I know several adults with Ds who drive... there was one girl at the Down syndrome convention in Anaheim back in 2005 who had a red convertible. She was very sassy... dressed very trendy, carried a designer purse and had her sunglasses and car keys with her at all times. I just wanted to follow her around and watch her the whole weekend... but that would have made me a stalker. LOL I know one of the girls who lives here in Middle TN has her license but she says she doesn't drive on the highway. I don't know if that is what she and her parents agreed on or if that's a restriction actually ON her license. She has a set route that she can drive... from her apartment to her job or to her parent's house, her sister's house, to get her hair done or to the grocery store. She doesn't ever drive alone to new places. She seems so responsible, her whole life is so interesting! 

Hi! I have a question; why do so many people who have Down Syndrome have a bit of a speech impediment? My mom says because they have larger tongues, but I have read that the inside of their mouths are smaller... Could you clarify?
When Kennedy was born I too heard that people with Down syndrome have a harder time speaking because of a large tongue... then I read the small mouth theory instead. Kennedy's tongue is not fat at all, but it IS very long! She can even touch her nose with it! LOL We have had several people comment about how thin her tongue is over the years and tell us that would help her in the area of her speech. Her developmental ped agrees with the small mouth theory (making the tongue appear too large for their mouths) along with low muscle tone in the jaw which can make speech harder for them to learn and others to understand. I don't think Kennedy or Kellsey's mouths seem unusually small, but I guess we'll see as they grow. 

Looks fun. Is Austin the same age as Kennedy? He looks so much bigger than her, but I know Kennedy is a peanut.
Yes, Austin is 2 days younger than Kennedy... but he's much taller than she is! I'm not sure how he compares in height to a typical 6 year old, but I would say he's pretty close! 

So now that Kennedy is married off, do you get to find another beautiful boy with ds for Kellsey? Hehe. Double the blessings, double the arranged marriages! 
Well, my next door neighbor happens to have a very handsome little guy with Ds... he's a few years older than Kellsey, but we figure by the time they're grown three years won't matter much! ;)

We were at the same State Fair! We went up Sunday and spent the day riding rides and looking at the booths. I remember the petting zoo. Our kids don't like touching those animals! LOL
What day did y'all go? Would have been cool if we had known you were there. 

We were there on Sunday as well! :) 

Great shots! I cannot get over the fact that you're still in summer dresses and I am up here in Boston in jeans and long sleeve shirts and jackets outside! 
Yeah it was VERY warm there! I enjoyed every minute of it! We came back to a much cooler Clarksville! We're going back and forth between pants and shorts here. The weather can't make up its mind! LOL 

How was the fair food? The fried snickers? Im from the South and we fry everything. My kids loved deep fried oreos.
LOVE fair food!!! I had the fried snickers and it was delicious!!! They also had a fried reese's peanut butter cup there. I almost wish I had tried that instead... or... too. HA! 

Is Kennedy at 2:08 in the video ? There is a little girl on a ladies lap. It is just a split second shot... 
Yep, that is her!! :) They showed her a lot in the actual movie! It was so neat!!! 

2:07...isn't that Kennedy AND Kellsey in pink?
LOL! Nope, not Kellsey! That is Abby, one of the little girls in our local group. Her hair is a lot longer than Kellsey's. Everyone on the set kept asking if Kennedy and Abby were sisters though! :) Kellsey wasn't home yet when this movie was filmed, Frank was still in Ukraine with her. 
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