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Prayers for one very special little boy

Posted Feb 01 2010 12:00am
What I realised soon after I started Saira's blog was the amazing support and the beautiful friendships one forms here, people without faces at times, voices which I don't hear, but voices all right, very strong voices that I can feel. These voices enter your home and these lives become intertwined with yours no matter how far away we might be, and these little angels and their families become an integral part of your life, your love for them grows and grows as each day passes making your life so much more beautiful. The part that is the hardest is the fact that as we walk down this road together we grow attached, and their journey sometimes feels like it's yours, their fear and pain I know can never be mine but I still feel it so greatly, but here I stand an observer, helpless as I can't do very much but pray and know that even after the darkest moments in life there is light.

For those who read my blog and don't know Jax as yet, do visit this beautiful boy, he is such an amazing, brave little soul, he has been a warrior much of his life and I loved him from the moment I set eyes on him. Right now he is fighting once again and I ask everyone to please please keep him in your prayers, as this little angel is really sick and needs us all to join hands and pray really really hard and ask for his healing, please pray that that warrior in him continues to fight as he has done so many times before and that he gets better really soon so he can be back home with his dear family where he belongs.

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