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POTD #15 - Dreaming of Spring!

Posted Mar 15 2011 12:00am
wow!! how do I get you to come talk to Louisiana???seriously???
We are getting Downsed here in Nov. (I think...we meet Saturday for more info)

Well, by that time I'll be in Colorado, but if you're serious, let's talk! 

Can I link to this on Facebook and my blog? 
Absolutely, please do! 

That's pretty neat. Good luck. So is the survey just for those in TN or do you want to hear from people in all different parts of the country? 
All over the country, please! We want feedback from everywhere! :) 

ohhh, I can't wait for Kellsey to accept Frank again . Didn't he bring her home? Are there pictures of the two of them that she could look at with both of their faces happy and trusting each other?
He did bring her home. It's just going to take some time for her to realize that he's not leaving again. She'll get there. 

Just to add to the first question - whenever my security software (Norton) runs a check it always flags your website as a securtiy risk!! Never you homeschool blog though, just this one?? But I've decided since it flags it it'll save me from crashing ;) I can hope anyway!! 
So weird! I need to start playing with the links on my sidebar and see if they have something to do with it. It's really bothering me!! 

Renee, in regards to that last Question about "Kennedy's movie" how long was Frank home before Kennedy wanted him to see it? LOL She's too cute!
Oh about 5 minutes! LOL She even begged our poor Schwan's guy to come in and watch it! LOL He was like "What the heck are you talking about?!" hahahaha

Renee, I have a question... just posting it here since this is your most recent post. You talk about the bonding process with adoption. I'm not sure if you've ever touched on this, but what is the prognosis for these kids? Will they ever be completely bonded to the family, as adults, without feeling out of place? I'm not sure how to word this because I truly don't understand what you experience with Kellsey, but I hope you know what I mean. 
WELL, I'm not a psychologist, and I only know what I've read online and what I've read from other parents experiences... some kids from orphanages adjust quickly with little to no bonding issues ever. Others take some time, but still adjust fairly well after time. Other kids have what is called Reactive Attachment Disorder and even this varies in severity and how it presents. I put a check list of symptoms and identifiers on the bottom of my post here . Some children, with the right therapy can most definitely work through RAD and bond with their family. It may take years... it may not. Some never do. The tricky part is finding the right therapy. There are therapists out there trained to deal with RAD, but there are also techniques used that are highly controversial... some even leading to death. A family who lives out in the middle of nowhere is going to have a harder time, obviously, finding a good therapist than a family who lives in a big city would... but that's not to say that good help CAN'T be found. It just has to be searched for... I would recommend that a family goes by word of mouth from other families who have been there, done that so you don't get stuck with someone horrible, but that's just me. I personally can tell families in Nashville of someone NOT to go to! (But then again I can tell you about a GI doctor not to go to, too!) ;) Anyway, all that to say, yes, RAD can be overcome in most cases... but not always. I know of a few families in the process of disruption right now because of RAD issues, and it's not because they haven't tried. Sometimes a fresh start for the child in a different family setting is truly what that child needs, as much as it breaks that family's heart. It's a tricky thing... this whole world of adoption... so glad I get to be part of it. :)

Now Frank's home is he chipping in with homeschooling or just steering clear?? Or playing the class clown and distracting everyone ;)
LOL nope he's laying low and trying to stay out of our way. Kennedy would much rather play with daddy than do school work! Who can blame her! :)

I know you don't really like to go to the post and it's pretty out of the way, but is there a reason other than that that you can't take him to the military barber ? Just curious :). I'm sure that's special daddy son time though. 
Nope, just out of my way and not enough hours in the day. I stay on my side of town whenever possible, just for convenience sake, and Kam's hair grows FAST! Hopefully we'll find a good barber close to wherever we live in CO! :)

I was just wondering if you will be posting anything about Lera? I see she has been placed in an institution according to her adoption blog, but that the family is still trying to proceed with the adoption. We've been praying like crazy for her and nothing seems to be moving forward.
I did post on my FB page the other day about a fundraiser they are doing for Lera. You can find that here. They are giving away an iPad, a video camera, jewelry, gift cards and more! Definitely go check it out and help any way you can!!! 

Don't be fooled Renee. As teachers we get that summer fever too. ;) 
Oh I am sure!!! And how much worse is it when you have Summer fever and so do the kids?! LOL! Bring on Summer! I am READY! :)

So how do you go through the IEP process with CO when you're not there? Will you be in CO well enough before the start of the school year that you will be able to get everything set up with that so she can start school when everyone else does? Just wasn't sure how it works since she's currently homeschooled and you're not just transferring an already in place IEP.
Well, I'm not exactly sure, but from what I have heard, since we will be there early (we plan on moving the first part of July) and the staff gets back to school the end of July, they will have her IEP meeting the week before school starts, because, as you guessed, I can't just enroll her and send her to school like I can with Kass and Kam. She should still be able to start when everyone else does. One of my friends who lives there said they do IEP meetings that last week before school starts all the time. It will be a whole new experience, that's for sure! :)

You mention eating lunch at Kass and Kam's school often. Is this common in TN? In all the schools I have taught in, I have never seen this.
I'm not sure about the whole state, but for our school it is. They have picnic tables set up at the side of our cafeteria where parents can come and eat lunch with their child. I try to go once a  month for Kass and once a month for Kam. Usually whenever I go, almost every table is full (there are 4 or 5). I know of a friend whose child's school even lets them go outside on the front lawn and truly have a picnic when it's warm enough. I've never really asked or thought about that much for my kids... I'd probably lose track of time and they'd be late back to class and then I'd get into trouble! HA! I just love that my kids still WANT me to come eat lunch with them... I have a feeling this is my last year with Kassidy... it's probably not going to be "cool" in middle school! ;)

On a totally unrelated note, did you watch the show "Coming Home" on Lifetime last night? There were a couple of military families on it from Clarksville. I thought about the video that you posted of Frank surprising the kids, and know it would be perfect for the videos that can be submitted for future shows! :)
I have not seen it yet. I always record Army Wives and watch it later and keep forgetting to record that show! I need to remember to watch it. They were there recording at Frank's homecoming ceremony. I'm not sure who the family was though. 

I have been reading your post for quite some time but don't think I have ever commented.. I take that back I think I did when your husband came home.. Okay here's why I writing now.. I had tears in my eyes reading about what Kennedy has been learning and has learned. You see, I had a Aunt that had Downs. This was long before it was called Downs. She lived with us for about six months once upon a time in 1966. Our lives were never the same.. My aunt was born in the late 20's and my grandparents were told she wouldn't live past 9 months and to institutionalize her and go on with their lives. They didn't and she lived well into her 50's. Now I'll get to the point. My aunt was very advanced but was not educated. I often wonder how far she could have gone with her life if she would have been born in this day. I could see she would have been able to work and live in a group home. She had a happy life but it could have been so much more.. And to see that Down's kids are getting educated whether at home or school and to see how their lives are changed now.. I admire you with all your kids and being a military wife.. ( I was one and know how hard it is at times) Just wantd to let you know this. Keep up the fantastic work you do with Kennedy and Kelsey
Thank you for sharing... it's good to be reminded that no matter what our situation, our kids are in such a better place educationally than they were even 20 years ago. We'll keep fighting so that the kids in the future have even a better chance at equal education... free from isolation and restraint and seclusion... the fully inclusive education that they deserve! :) It sounds like your aunt was a wonderful woman! 
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