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Post-Op Update!

Posted Jul 26 2014 12:00am
We are home and Kennedy is doing pretty well! She hasn't complained about her throat at all which is amazing! I had heard from a few parents that the lingual tonsil recovery was worse than the regular tonsils but that part has seemed to be super easy. I have her eating soft foods just in case - we don't want to agitate anything in there - but so far, so good. Her oxygen levels improved already during her night in the hospital so they are hopeful that this WILL help her apnea. I need to keep her on her oxygen at home until she can have her follow up sleep study in about 3 months. They want to make sure she's fully healed before they schedule it so they get accurate results.

Her ear has been another story. I didn't realize how extensive the work was going to be. They went in from behind her ear to fix it. They found that the hole was much bigger than they expected and had to patch about 70% of her eardrum so they're hoping it will take. We won't know if it was successful until her next hearing test in a few weeks. She has been in a lot of pain with her ear... the first night they had a huge bandage on it and that was really uncomfortable for her. It was a long night. Once they removed that, it was SO much better but she's still in pain with it and lets me know about every 15 minutes that her ear hurts. :( She's on around the clock pain meds still at this point but it's not really doing any good that I can tell. Hopefully time will help heal.

Here are a few pictures from the hospital...

In Pre-op waiting to go back... 

Post-op in a room, trying to eat. She HATED that thing on her ear. 

Friday morning - bandage off!! SO much better!
She still has small steri-strips behind her ear. One more battle scar. *sigh* 
Thanks for all the prayers!! The other kids were great and had fun with friends while I was gone. So thankful  they were able to step in and hang out with them. Now onto full recovery.... I'll post again when we get test results!!
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