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Pop and Lock

Posted Mar 01 2012 12:00am

1.The project is moving along, though it's had a few days hiatus here and there. Once for a houseguest (hello, MIL!), then because Rainer and I caught the crud. Tonight I won't be painting because for some reason my back is KILLING me. My lower back, feels like I can't stand up straight. Need to do some stretching and maybe get into a chiro if this doesn't go away. But, in case I led you astray, dear reader (hello out there???), we are not, in fact, painting that old hutch (by the by, Alex thinks I have a hutch problem--says I call EVERYthing a hutch, but the truth is we have a computer hutch, a tv hutch, and now, a dining room hutch)...ANYway...we are not painting that That's just the primer. We are, in fact, painting it green. Green! And not just any ol' green. Bell Pepper green . It is going to be bright. I am hoping it will read a little country, a little quirky. I already bought some clearance knobs for it at Target the other day, but I happened into Anthropologie today, and well...I don't think this hutch will work unless we get some of those AMAZING KNOBS! (Even though I will have to buy one or two a month to be able to afford them! Sheese! I need to go into the glass and ceramic KNOB business!)

2. I happened into Anthropologie because I was going to get my haircut at the mall. When I got home Rainer got a HUGE smile across his face because I got my hair cut really short. Now, it's not as short as his--we shaved his down to 5/8th of an inch a week or two ago--but it's short. He was thrilled. "Now we match, Mommy! Now you are shorter!!" and then, "Does this mean now you can't reach things that are up high high high like me????" Hahhaha silly bug.

3. Georgia KONKS out at 7pm lately. Like, peel her off the floor tired. Limp noodle. She hasn't napped for about 8 months or so (and even then it had been intermittent at best for over a year), but 7pm rolls around and that girl is ready to hit the hay. (She went through a rough sleep/wake cycle this fall which I NEVER hope to relive with 4am wakings and whatnot, but she has generally been a great sleeper.) She is SO cute during this time. Snuggly, giggling when she uses her toothbrush to brush her stuffed elephant's teeth, smiling up a storm. I love that girl!

4. That said. That girl has been giving me angina lately. She wants to get into EVERYTHING. If it's possible for a kid to both start listening better AND start being more independent-minded at the same time, it is happening! I want more of both, really, but I hope the listening starts to coincide more!

5. There's more I want to talk about with G and her behaviors, but that will probably deserve it's own post.

6. Rainer has been WAY into dancing lately. He is constantly asking us to put the "black song on with the white letters" on youtube. It is just some random recording of Trans Siberan Orchestra playing that famous (and kind of annoyingly cloying) Christmas song. You know the one . He dances to it OVER and OVER and OVER. See?

He is a little imp.

7. Anyhoodle tonight he told Alex he was going to teach him how to dance. He actually has a "signature dance move" that he calls "Biz Bah." He told Alex to stand up, but his hands on the ground "like this"cross the ankle of one foot behind the back of his other knee and then move it back and forth. "Biz Bah!" It was hilarious hearing him break it down for us. Then he taught us another dance move, pulled up the chair, sat down, and said, "Now I'll watch you do it." Just like a little teacher. After we did it like the proudest little dance mom he said, "You did it, Mommy! You learned the dance!"

Here he is teaching Alex the "Biz Bah."

8. He also has a dance move he calls "My one hundreds."

9. I am seriously thinking we need to get him into a breakdancing, or capoeira class. He also loves watching those dances on youtube. I have yet to find a local-enough class although there's a great looking capoeira class in DC for littles. I wish it were closer!!! But maybe we'll find a breakdancing class--he already has the cardboard (puzzle) down in the pic above!

10. Oh this family o' mine. I just loves 'em.



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