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Please Keep Rhett in Your Prayers Today......

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:58pm

I should totally be sleeping right now, but I'm not. I can't. This is a big surgery, and I am scared. I know deep down he will be fine, but it still frightens me every time we go up to the hospital.

So here is my request. Remember when Rhett had his airway surgery and you all left lots of great comments for my other kids so they knew how many people were praying for him?

Well, I would like to ask each of you to do that again. They all have a really hard time when Rhett is in the hospital, but the day he has surgery is always the worst for them. Last time it helped them so much to go to the computer every chance they get to see who was praying for their little brother.

If you know of anyone praying, have them stop by to say hi to Rhett's siblings. It's so comforting for them. I will do updates tomorrow at the bottom of this post, so stay tuned. We are to be up to Primary Children's at 8 am. I am not sure how long surgery will last, but I do know that we will be in the PICU after surgery.

And just in case you have forgotten who you are praying for, I leave you with this........(the same little guy who won Third Place in the Orem City's Summerfest on Saturday!!! I know I know, he's just too cute.)



Rhett is out of surgery and hangning out in the PICU. He is super sleepy and doped up on Morphine. We decided to go the morphine route and try it with Benadryl to help with the itchies.

When the got him opened, they found that most of the stitches from his patch around his hernia repair from a year ago had all popped. So while they were in there they stitched the patch all back up. What a blessing that was. It saved us from another surgery later on. Chances were that if the rest of them came undone the patch would have totally popped and his intestines would have been back in his chest.

Andy is working and plans on coming up on Tuesday night to see his little man.

My sister was able to take the day off to be here with me.

All in all everything went well with the surgery, and now we just wait for him to recover. When I came into the PICU he waved at me, and his neighbor is a little newborn baby who has a good set of lungs. Rhett turned his head toward the baby, signed baby, and when he did it he kind of rubbed his tummy, he looked at me with the saddest eyes and said, "Owie." Poor Guy.

So specific prayer request for right now is that he can tolerate the Morphine and not have to be put on Dilaudid. I made a sign for his crib to have any pain meds triple checked with each nurse doing their own conversions.

Thank you so much for all of the prayers, the days to come are going to be rough, but we will make it. (No spell check here, so if there are errors I'm sorry!!!)

Oh, We are in bed 18 in the PICU. :)

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