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Plan B

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:29pm
The plan was to meet Sweet Husband and Kellen at the naturopath at 1pm today. I get a call on my cell phone a little after noon and it Sweet Husband in a bit of a panic because he can't get Kellen motivated to leave the house.

Several phone calls and a few stressful moments later...we decide to abort the mission. Cut to Plan B. Plan B was made up on the spot. One must always have a Plan B when it comes to Kellen. Plan B was hatched during my frantic drive up to the naturopath's office. Plan B was for me to go and talk to the doctor without Kellen. We called Sweet Husband on speaker phone so he could tell the doctor what medicines Kellen takes and the dosages.

Do you know how I know I was meeting with a naturopath? Because. Because she pulled paint chips out of her drawer and asked me what color Kellen's stools usually were. She didn't mean barstools either. She had yellow and brown paint chips and I was supposed to point to a color that closely matched. I'm just now realizing how weird that was. Okay, I'm over it.

More fun will be had when I go to the health food store and buy all the stuff she wants me to try giving Kellen. Even more fun will ensue as I convince Kellen to ingest the supplements and stop eating bread. The most entertaining moment will be when I try to talk our insurance company into paying for her bill and the extensive bloodwork we will have done. Stay tuned for more about Plan A, Plan B and even Plan Z.
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