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Piper Stuff

Posted Oct 03 2012 12:16pm
Piper got 100% on her first spelling test a few weeks ago (yeah, I'm a little behind). She was so excited to get a check +, plus a 100%, plus a smiley face on her paper - way to go!

This is the first year she has had homework. Max loves watching her, and tries to sneak her paper or pencil when she gets distracted and looks away ;)

We had a garage sale last weekend. Our house is small and we have so much clutter. So we decided it was time to get rid of stuff, especially the baby stuff (crib, clothes, toys). Piper is very sentimental (she gets that from her dad, not me!) and didn't want to put any toy in the sale pile. So I told her if we got rid of some things, she could use the money and buy one new thing. One thing she likes more than being sentimental is shopping ;) My plan worked.
So we spent two weeks going through the house top to bottom, and what didn't sell in the yard sale, I dropped at the DI yesterday (a local thrift store). Immediately after the yard sale on Saturday, Piper was dying to go look for a new bike (hers was really tiny - way to small for her, but we wanted to wait until she learned to ride w/o training wheels before we bought her a new one - and she did that this summer, so it was time).
She wanted a cruiser. I wanted lunch first. So first stop was lunch, which just happened to be next door to a used sporting good store, which just happened to have bikes out on the sidewalk for sale - wink wink. My plan for a used bike worked perfectly. There was a 'Little Betty' Electra black cruiser bike on the sidewalk, just her size (well, it will be the perfect size by next spring), with PINK flames on the side. Holy cuteness. She loved it. We lowered the seat all the way, and tada - perfect!

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