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Picture Pages, Picture Pages, Now It's Time for Picture Pages....

Posted Mar 01 2010 12:00am

I think it is time to make a Picture Schedule here at home for Georgia. Our days are rather scheduled now what with the school routine, and Georgia is still so frustrated because she can't always communicate her needs and desires. I also think if she can visualize what our next course of action will be in the day, not only will it help her transition, it will help her sort able to form a story about her day--if that makes ANY sense.

Has anyone done this? Do you have any tips or advice?

I saw a few sites similar to this which may be helpful.

Also, because Georgia is so into words--she and Rainer are BOTH actually, and they are both sight-reading a fair amount--I think it would be good to sort of "cash in" on their interest. (Have I told you that Rainer absolutely LOVES to do Love & Learning and will often wake up in the morning saying and signing "Mo' bo-ksss" meaning L&L? SOO cute!) I'm think about making some word/flashcards to put on objects around the house. I like this idea in theory, but both of my kids are really into destruction and eating things, so...I don't know how long it would last...but it might be worth a shot. Thoughts?

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