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Phobias- The Fear of Lawn Mowers?

Posted Oct 17 2008 6:19pm

We all have fears, but it's when those fears become an extreme that they are considered phobias. There are all sort of phobias out there. I even found a couple websites that listed them. Phobia List and Unusual Phobias are two site that you can look up the countless amounts of phobias that people experience. I should have Lilapsophobia (which is a fear of tornadoes and hurricanes) since I went through Hurricane Andrew when I was 9 months pregnant with Jeremy. I do have a fear, but not a phobia. Can you believe, I even found a phobia listed called Phobophobia? Can you guess what that is? The fear of phobias!!!

Well, I don't know the clinical name for it, but Gabi has a fear of lawn mowers! It's not one of the normal kid fear of lawn mowers because she wasn't always afraid of them. A couple years back, she actually helped me mow the lawn by pushing the mower just in front of me. It was since that time that this fear developed. Nothing significant happened that day that I can say "Oh yeah! That's why!" But this is a pretty serious fear! There have been times that she has grabbed me by my leg and started crying hysterically because I put on my lawn shoes (You know! The ones you wear just for mowing and doing yard work!) You may even remember my post in the spring when we planted tulips and Gabi ran inside because one of the neighbors started mowing: Planting Tulips. Part of this fear of lawn mowers is because of her fear of loud noices (Ligyrophobia). Well, I even sent an email to the person who has the Unusual Phobias site because neither site I looked at had this phobia listed.

This video below was taken a few weeks ago when Gabi realized my husband was outside mowing the lawn. We try to do it without her knowing, but she always realizes it. This particular time, he was almost done before she realized it, and I tried to sit with her in the hallway and rationalize with her. You'll notice the complete turn around once she figures out that the lawn mower is off:

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