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PCMC Frequent Flyer (A Big Daddy Update)

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:41pm

Pam just called and they are on there way home!!! I'll let Pamela fill ya all in. We did get some answers. I hope Pamela doesn't keep you hanging long. Ha ha.

Peace and out,

Rhett's Big Daddy (Andy)

While PCMC now considers Rhett a frequent flyer. This means he has been there and spent so much time in the hospital that we no longer need to fill out any paper work. All we need to do is update them on any medication changes. I drove up to the hospital tonight to check on Pamela and Rhett. When I got there Rhett's heart Dr. was there. The first words I heard out of his mouth were "looks good". I'm thinking great some good news. Wrong!!! All he was checking was his heart rate, that is based in the low 60's. They are taking Rhett of his Norvasc (aka heart medication). The reason for this is that is the only thing they can think of that is lowering his heart rate so dramatically. The Dr's want to monitor Rhett for two days while off the Norvasc, and document any changes. So the long and short of it is, an extra long weekend in a room without a view. Still no answers. The three hour round trip drive was well worth the hour I got to spend with Pamela and Rhett. Rhett looked better to me. He didn't look so dehydrated, and had some color back in his face. I was very excited to see that much improvement. Off to bed so I can get the kids up and ready for school.

Love ya all,

Rhett's Big Daddy (Andy)

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