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Our first family pictures.......

Posted Sep 12 2008 11:48am

Guess what I found!! These were taken when Rhett was about 6 weeks old, just after he was released from the NICU. He was a whoping 5 lbs, and I had the hardest time holding him to keep him from falling through my arms!! There just wasn't a whole lot of baby there!!

His outfit was a preemie, and the pants just drown him. We had to put a saftey pin on them to keep them from falling off of his scrawny little bum. The white little wires you see hanging from him were the wires from his apnea moniter.

So glad that those days are over!! I hated that thing going off in the middle of the night! Andy and I would just go flying out of bed trying to get to the bassinett to rub his chest so that he would remember to breathe!!

There is just something about a newborn baby that makes me feel on the top of the world. No matter what their health issues are, they are yours and you love them with every breath!!!

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