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Oral hygiene?

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:11pm
Encountering your three year old happily playing with an adult sized toothbrush warrents a short interview. Will insists it was his dad's. Dad's toothbrush is electric, but he does travel a lot and therefore has his travel-baggie toothbrush, which could have been located anywhere in the general vicinity of my bedroom/bathroom. I chuckled and then had my attention turn for a moment.

Just a moment is enough time for Will to decide (and understandably so) that Toby needs his teeth brushed. This was a fun game for Toby, who would mouth the toothbrush and then dash away from the abrasive scrubbing Will would try to apply. Will was even good enough to demonstrate, with his mouth, how to properly use the toothbrush between dog-mouthings.

Then Will marched outside to play fetch with the dog. Um, that should read Will chased the dog who had confiscated the dental device as purely a dog playtoy, into the backyard. Toby wan't going to give it up so easily now that he had squatters rights to the toothbrush. (Squatters rights to any toothbrush occurs as soon as it is touched by another's hands.)

Do I just slip it back into Dad's travel baggie? Well, the bristles are kinda brownish now.

FYI- the toothbrush is purple. Daddy would not want one person to think he had a pink toothbrush. Well, did have a purpley-pink toothbrush. It seems to be the dog's now.

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