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One of us, not one among us.

Posted May 17 2010 8:29am
Mason: Mommy, what does Chicky's shirt say?


Me: It says, "One of us, not one among us."

Mason: What does that mean?

Me: It means that Chicky is just like everyone else, even though she has Down syndrome.


Mason (in a joshing voice): Noo she doesn't.

Me: Yes she does. Do you know who else has Down syndrome?

Mason: Nikers (referencing Nika, pronounced Nee-kers).

Me: Yep, and who else?

Mason: Lila.

Me: Yep.

Mason: And lots of babies have Down syndrome. Like Charlie.

Me: No honey, Charlie does not have Down syndrome.

Mason: Oh!

Ha. He was  impressing me there for a minute until he told me that he thought Charlie has Down syndrome. But you know what ... it just shows me that he views Chicky, Nika and Lila just the same as he views Charlie.

And isn't that the point? Love him.


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