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Oh Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun

Posted Mar 17 2011 6:39pm
It's Spring Break and the weather outside is gorgeous. Aiden has been asking to go outside and swing all week, but the temperatures haven't exactly been Aiden friendly, until today. So after lunch, we went outside to play for a while.

Aiden is learning to walk outside on the uneven surfaces, but he is still unsure about doing it. He will hold my hand and managed to take about 10 steps unassisted, however his chosen method is still butt scooting or bear walking. Hmph....

We've had the play set for almost 2 years now. Aiden typically wants to swing in the special needs swing and will make a few trips down the slide. Today he decided that he wanted to try the sling swing out. AKA, the big boy swing. He did pick his feet off the ground, but didn't push off first. He'll get there. Of course, once he realized that there were a few puddles of water remaining, he bee-lined his happy little tail over to the water. Then he decided that he wanted to draw on the back deck with his outside chalk.

If you pay close attention, you can see Aiden showing off some of his signs. His speech therapist is teaching Aiden signing by using songs. Aiden his highly motivated by music and it's working. I decided to sing the Mr Sun song and Aiden signed along.
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