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Numbers, numbers

Posted Apr 15 2009 12:00am

I decided to give an update from Kolby's 6 month birthday post. Yeah, I've kept track...I think it's interesting! At 6 months I was probably thinking the number of doctor visit's would go down. Ha.

In his 1st year Kolby will have:

Spent 18 nights in the hospital
Been to the doctor 38 times
the eye doctor 1 time
Had 2 ER visits
Endured 1 surgery
& 1 bronchoscopy
And 58 therapy sessions

This number is counting Kolby's OT visit tomorrow and his one year checkup. Can you imagine getting shots on your birthday?? Poor baby! He's also scheduled for a synagis shot tomorrow too...what lovely presents, hey? At least he has a high pain tolerance so shots hardly bother him. And I know he loves visiting with the doctor and nurses so he probably WILL think it's a gift:).

I have a LOT to talk to the doctor about tomorrow--hopefully I remember everything!

I'm not sure if I've said it before but I really like the boy's doctor. I admit I wasn't too sure about her the first time I saw her with Landyn, but then she happened to be the doctor on call in the ER when Landyn had his first seizure. She didn't know much about Down syndrome when I had Kolby, but I know she's studied up on it and always has all the time in the world for us. She has called wondering how the boys are doing when they've been sick. And any time I have to bring Kolby in she fits him into her schedule--even if she's already double booked. LOL, that's my endorsement of the day;).

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