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Not cool. Or, uh...Cool!

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:50pm

So yeah, we've been without heat since about 10pm last night. And our landlady won't answer any of her phones and it's a good dang thing we got a portable heater from G's aunt for Christmas or else we would've had to spend the night in a hotel. Of course, that only helps the bedroom. It's 50 degrees in the rest of this place and it's probably only THAT warm because we are on the third floor. Although, hell...the insulation in this place is totally bogus (although we figured THAT out last summer when it was over 100 degrees in here with THREE air conditioners going). There's no way we're staying in this place past springtime. And let me tell you if there is one thing that is not fun to do in the cold it is pumping milk out of your boobs! And there's no way I could hop into the shower when it's this cold. Good thing G and I are leaving town this morning. Alex and I could handle it, but I tell ya', if it weren't for that heater in the bedroom....

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