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No news from Ukraine

Posted Sep 05 2007 12:00am
Meghan Fall 2005

I did not expect any news really, isn't it amazing though how slowly time goes when we are waiting? When we are enjoying ourselves time seems to fly by; but waiting is so it seems to me that weeks have passed since the dossier made it to Ukraine, and it has only been days.
When we started our adoption process in January (Officially, we started the home study then, we were already committed to Joy in October 2006) we had thought we would travel in August and then the delay with the fingerprints (all 3 times) and the SDA closing down twice it put us in the October-November time frame, but with this new delay it seems we are looking at December or possibly January. Honestly we have no idea what is happening where our dossier is concerned, we have had no word from Ukraine or our Agency, as a major control freak (who me?) this wait is very difficult, but I am learning to trust and let go of the reins, it is not easy. All I can do is pray little Eva stays healthy and well while she waits and does not end up in the mental institution as she is 4 1/2 now. Her future is in God's hands, we know she will be safe there.

Yesterday Meghan and I were gone all morning, I had a dentist appointment and was there 3 hours, I won a dental makeover last year, took part in an essay contest for breast cancer survivors. My teeth were a mess, 6 bio children and little to no dental care growing up, and some missing teeth, and the poor dentist has really struggled to get everything right as my mouth is not cooperative....I know a few times he was pretty perturbed with me and my teeth and probably wished he had never chosen me as the contest winner. So as per usual, something went wrong yesterday and a crown had to be drilled off and replaced, as does a partial which refuses to fit. Meghan sat quietly and waited for me to be through, poor girlie. She had her books with her and you could tell she was happy that it was not she in the chair. LOL I promised her an ice cream when we left.

We stopped to look at Halloween costumes on the way home (the dentist office is about 25 miles away from us, through town so we were running errand on the way home, save money on gas) and she ran over to a pretty blue princess dress complete with tiara and scepter and said "Mommy, Booful, me, yook me pwetty" and then "I weaw it!" For those who speak mommy speak you understand what she said, for those who don't "Mommy, beautiful, I will look pretty in it, I want to wear it!" I have to tell you I was beyond thrilled at this proclamation, it was two sentences and I understood her!! It showed she was aware of her preferences and loved to look pretty (what girl doesn't) I asked her if she wanted it and she said "Yesssss." I was prepared to say no but just couldn't, she will dress up as a princess for Halloween this year.

Since Meghan's biggest delay has been her speech, this statement was a HUGE leap for her. I can't wait to tell her speech therapist on Monday! We got the ice cream too. Safeway has the best ORGANIC chocolate covered ice cream bars, which are better than Dove's ice cream bars, yummy.

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