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No More Monkeys...

Posted Dec 03 2012 12:00am
How does the story go again?

1 little monkey jumping on the bed... he fell off and broke his head. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" 

You would think that one little monkey in my house would know this story very well! However, it turns out that when this certain little monkey is influenced by an older monkey* (or so he says), the little monkey WILL jump on the bed, and he WILL fall off and bump his...


And he will cry and cry, and it will swell a bit and he will limp around like a pitiful little monkey. Aww! And the mama monkey (who is not very sympathetic towards the monkey who jumped on the bed after many warnings not to do so) will take the little monkey to the doctor who will take an x-ray of the foot and tell them, "Whew! It's not broken, but he does have a bad sprain."

And the little monkey will get a sticker and some Motrin and a whole day off school for a little TLC.

In the meantime, the mama monkey, the daddy monkey and the doctor monkey hmm maybe I shouldn't call a doctor I don't know very well a monkey! all told the little monkey...

NO more monkeys jumping on the bed!!! 

And they lived happily ever after. 
The End.
*The names of all monkeys in this story are being withheld to protect the guilty innocent. ;)
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