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New York State of Mind, E.T. & Willy-Nilly Cake-Eating

Posted Dec 12 2008 3:51pm

Today, among the myriad tasks of organizing a festival, taking part in the monthly board meeting (during which I primarily navel gazed in anticipation of the now visible (and slightly freaky) belly bounces from el nina ) and planning the first filming segment of the promo we are making at work, New York City kept sneaking into my brain. I went to bed last night with my friend Schmoo from New York's email reverberating in my mind, fell asleep while reading Allen Garganus'Plays Well With Others and THEN woke up this morning to read a little Frank O'Hara before hopping in the shower. Sounds like a good explanation to me. I am so far removed from the NYC lifestyle though that I find it funny to think about a place I never lived and could probably count the number of times I have visited on both hands and feet--maybe--all day long.

I probably won't ever live there. At one point in my life, I thought I wouldn't get away without living there. And now, the thought seems rather remote. Is it possible that I really really truly am a small town girl? I think it might be...although THIS isn't the ultimate small town for me, I find myself immediately stressed whenever I visit a city that is remotely inefficient to navigate, crowded or just FULL.

What tiny particles it all wends its way into. The essentials.

Last night Alex and I watched Coccoon --I am ashamed to admit I had never seen it. And while it was fantastical (duh, no really?!) it was really pretty good. (Note how I use the word fantastical like it is a negative thing--why do I do that? Is it my literature training? What a snob!) Of all the movies I have seen recently, it best kept my attention. Had me really amazed at the fact that not only do I have a PERSON growing inside me, but Alex and I just sort of willy-nilly decided to create this person. How effing weird and fantastical can you get? And if we decided two months later--two minutes later--it would have been a different person. I know. Basic stuff. But if you REALLY think about it...effing phenomenal.

On Sunday we ate some of our wedding cake. It sat for 1 year and 14 days in a freezer until then. And, I know it probably sounds hard to believe, but it was good...real good. Spice cake with sugary frosting.

My mind is hopping all over the place. I worked from 8:30 am to 8 pm, so excuse me. I am now ponder NY and the extraterrestrial I suppose until nodding off with dreams of cake.

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