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New Testing in the Down Syndrome World {Grr}

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:19pm
There's a new non-invasive prenatal test that is supposed to be 100% accurate in diagnosing unborn babies with Down syndrome. It is said to have zero false-positives like the current non-invasive testing options. When the average Joe hears this, they think of how far medicine is coming and how wonderful it is that parents can know earlier that their child may have Down syndrome.

However, being someone who knows that 95% of prenatally diagnosed babies with Down syndrome are ABORTED, and being someone who knows that physicians usually deliver this news with "I'm so very sorry" and go right into the abortion option, then I am someone who is not very excited about "medical advancement".

I know this may sound dramatic, but there is a passive-aggressive holocaust going on in our country against people with disabilities. It is politically INCORRECT to treat a person with disabilities cruely, but it is very accepted to choose to kill a child only because they are disabled. I am very sad of this "advancement" in medicine and hope that it will be countered with physicians delivering the diagnosis in accurate, positive and appropriate manners. There is no standard of care on how a doctor is supposed to deliver this news and too many times, parents are getting worse case scenarios explained to them. You wouldn't believe how many parents I know were told "your child may never walk or talk and will be retarded". What about all of the good that comes with having a child with Down syndrome? I emailed a friend today that I think every parent should know the love of parenting a child with Down syndrome, and I mean that with all my heart!

{Wonderfully and lovingly plagerized from my friend, McKenna }
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