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Nash's Natter

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:53pm
Last night BigDawg had a DADS meeting, so I had single parent duty. I let Seger out and of course he is in full SPRING mode and runs around the neighborhood since it was 72 degrees. Nash was upstairs in my bedroom watching a movie while I changed clothes after work, and I saw Seger take off after a neighborhood walker….so I told Nash I was going to go get Seger and would be right back, to stay in my bedroom.

I get home after chasing Seger around (he had to see every dog, even the 200 lb great dane that is being rescued by a neighbor and isn't too friendly) so it took me about 15 minutes to get back home. I get home and Nash is on the phone, I hear, "ok, yeah, I will tell her, bye." I ask who was on the phone and he says "Daddy".

I look at my cell phone and I have EIGHT missed calls! All from Big Dawg.

I call him back and was told Nash told him:

Mommy isn't here
She went to find Seger in the neighborhood
Seger chased Charlie's dogs
Seger got hit by a car, he's in big trouble
Mommy is mad
You better come home.

I think he met his "3-4 word speech utterance" goal. ahem.

When he wants daddy home, he knows how to do it.
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