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Mystery Rash

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:08pm 6 Comments
Last night when I was giving Gabi a bath, I noticed she had a rash that was covering her back, chest, neck and stomach. There were also a few red patches on her legs. I know what chicken pox looks like, and this definitely was not chicken pox. I'm just not sure what it was. I looked up various rashes online and the closest I see to what it looks like is Fifth Disease . It also makes more sense because there were a few days this week that Gabi's teacher reported Gabi as being sleepy even though she had gone to bed early one of those nights. She even had the runny nose this week which is also common in the contagious period. I called the school to see if there were any other reports of Fifth Disease at the school or any other rashes, and none had been reported. I am taking her to her pediatrician this morning. We'll see if my suspicions are correct.

Have you ever tried taking a picture of a rash? It is next to impossible to get a picture of it. When you look at her the rash is very obvious, but when you look at a picture of it, you have to look really hard to see anything. So here is my attempt to show you her rash (you can click on the pictures to enlarge them, but then you may have to hit ctrl and - to shrink it to a size easier to see):

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If you hear anything about this rash please email me
hey there..did you ever find out what that rash was..because my daughter has a rash like that on her stomach, chest, back, and neck as well as a little bit on her shoulders.  She had a mild fever last night and is cranky today and acting sleepy.. Please let me know

I am no physician, but treat any rash seriously.  My sister and I are currently waiting for my nephew's blood results checking for Salmonella.  He had very high fever for 2-3 days, mild abdonimal pain, watery diahrea.  Although he has had no muscle/joint pain, he's been alert and has had no fever for the last 24 hrs, he still has this rose rash throughout his body (not just his chest area).  Just call your doctors, please!

i know this post it is very old but my too children and i had this rash and what i was able to find was that is was the fifth desease, they didn't have the joint paint like i did but i had it worse on all levels compare with them they got more on the sun then i did so rash got darker on them or worse after been on the sun or very active. hope that helps everyone i had to look for days thanks
My child had the same thing and the doctor said its just from bubble bath and also that if it is getting cold out side that it is not good to give them a bath every night because it will dry out there skin and get a rash like that
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