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My Three Kids

Posted Jan 08 2010 12:00am

My mother just told me I can not write a book about Down Syndrome:( She apparently is reading a book about Down Syndrome. The "traumatic" diagnosis, the grieving of a "nontypical" child, the depression, the months and months of sadness and hiding. It just has not happened yet around here. What would the book be about? Maybe I can write a book about how stinkin scrumptious my little man is. How he has given me an identity and without him with me I still want others to know all about him. How each milestone just is so amazing and heart warming. Maybe I could write about him reaching those tiny tiny chubby fingered hands up to grab my jaw so he can "love" me up! Or when I squeeze him he lets out a little gasp of a grunt which has now turned in to a full on giggle. Do you think I could feel pages of this good stuff. I wouldn't trade this little man in for another human being for all the finest things this world has to offer. He is THE perfect addition to this family. He is going to make his father, his mother, his grandparents, his uncles, aunts, cousins, sister and brother FAR better people because he is in this world. And he is going to do that just by being who he is! Isn't that beautiful. (Wait til you meet him....if you haven't already:) Just moments after I had Thomas and was getting my first peek at him I knew he had Downs. I told the nurse, she denied it, I told the Dr, he denied it. I told my husband he told me to hush. But I knew that it was okay and I knew that my mom was going to be thrilled. Why? Because the complete faith that God doesn't make mistakes. Thomas was whole and who he was. No amount of gnashing of soul was going to change that. I his mother had to be the one to change and accept. So simply immediately upon his little cry I did.

Today Thomas is EIGHT months old. Wow time is just going way too fast. Time for some milestones. This month has been chalked full. He really notices his sister, she brings an instant smile and giggle. He chirps and caws for attention. He lets out the most heartbreaking whine when he sees me leaving the room with out him. He loves to stand on my lap and dive in for kisses:) He decided that a whole jar of baby food was do able. He is sitting up for longer periods of time. Thomas is learning to move around. He does the best belly 360 this side of the Mississippi! He does not like getting stuck under the couch. He is a busy little man, always wants a toy, to be held, or just moving in general. He is either awake and moving or asleep no middle of the road. When I put him in his bed he pulls the blanket over his head and rolls to one side. So cute. Therapy twice a week is really helping . Sue OT is working on the crawling and sit to crawl position. And Amelia PT is working on everything else:)

Now sister Red is blooming in to a preschool child leaving toddler hood in the history books. We are STILL working on potty training. She wants to be a dancer so bad with her BFF Gwen. She tells me all the time she is a bwig girl, but it just hasn't happened yet. It may be a few years but I am confident it will happen. To say Red loves her dad is an understatement. She would have him by her side 24/7 if she could. She adores him like none other. Yesterday she was sitting on the throne and I heard " Mom, no Da..................deeeeeeeeee, yes DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY come help me please" all in the same volume!
She had a wonderful PWENCESS party at the local newly remodeled bowling alley. It was a ton of fun with many great friends. She really got a kick out of having a birthday party, Christmas, and the New Years Eve all so close together. She said "are we having ANOTHER party?" Under all the pressure of Birthday party talk since July I had to do it up big. She was very happy to have her day. My friend gave me this dress a few months back. Needless to say it has been adopted as THE pwencess dress and she has worn it NON STOP since getting her cast off on the 15th of December. ( oh I forgot to tell you, she got a buckle fracture on her right arm, full hot pink cast 4 weeks for wearing fancy loose shoes going down steps) This is a very recent picture and she is still showing it off.

Big Brother J also had a birthday. He turned the big Sweet sixteen. He will not let his picture be taken so :( He is getting very tall, also very handsome with his Beatles hairdo and lanky legs. He has the girls just swoon when he goes by. It is really fun going places with him and watching the teen girls. Was I ever that OBVIOUS! (lol uh yes) He has decided to take a liking to school, and has improved greatly on school work. He has more than the ability to get it all done but lacks say motivation! Glad to see it shift gears in the right direction. We are not rushing to the DMV anytime soon. I would prefer a few more months before I have to come to terms my baby is SIXTEEN.
This is what J used to look like:)

I am bless with my three babies. This post seems to be three in one. Three different souls with three very different personalities.

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