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My MIL Won't Be Working at the UN

Posted Nov 22 2010 12:42pm
I n preparation for beginning to home educate Little Poppet, I'm paying mind to what we do in the day and what can be entered into our diary as a lesson plan.

So, today, we watched 'Pop Goes the Wiggles' and I decided that the song 'Dry Bones' counts as an anatomy lesson, as well as a Bible lesson (Ezekiel). I think I'm well on my way to successful home education.

Yesterday I taught her how to peel a banana so that counts as a cookery lesson. And I suppose the Mr. is teaching her psychology... in his own moody way! lol

I would be remiss if I didn't remind you that I'm a Christmas Warrior for Miss Lillian . I hope you will donate to her fund! All donations go directly to Reece's Rainbow, remember, and are tax deductible! Will you help me to get her grant fund growing?

We spoke to the MIL the other night. First time she she went back to Ireland after her visit in September. It was supposed to be for two weeks, she ended up here for a good month/5 weeks and she spent all her money. But once they get wireless in the remote Irish village where her Mum lives we can Skype with her because she signed up for a laptop on contract. Makes total sense to us...

I keep saying that I'll tell you more about my mother in law and never do. So I will now lol... just a couple of stories so you can get a bit of a sense of this amazing woman. I do actually mean that... mostly lol!

She got saved 30 some years ago and spent most of her years, at least the ones I have known her, evangelising in one form or another. She is what you would call a very busy Christian. In fact, one of her lodgers made the comment after she had moved to take care of her Mum that he barely noticed she was gone. For one, she left most of her belongings all about... and even when she was there she was out every night at some function or witnessing or street pastoring so they didn't see her anyway. Now that the Mr. goes there once a month since we're managing her house for her now, he sees them more than she did lol.

So, a couple of years ago for the Mr.s birthday we got together with her and his sister for a meal. The Mr. walked up the road with the MIL to the take away (Chinese) and as they were awaiting the order she got to chatting with the Chinese women that worked there. Her intent was simply to share her faith... and in all honesty, she never intends to offend... her conversation went something like this...

The Chinese ladies smile after saying it will be a few minutes
MIL: (after looking at one of the girls and telling the Mr. that she reminded her of one of her former lodgers, a young Korean girl) "Lovely weather we've been having, isn't it?"
Chinese lady: smiles
MIL: "Have you been in England long then?"
(the Mr. heading for the door)
Chinese lady: "I came to study English"
MIL: "Oh wonderful!"
everyone smiles... except the Mr. who is firmly holding the door handle in case he needs a quick exit...
Chinese ladies smile
MIL: "Do you eat this food then? It is very nice!"
Chinese ladies smile and nod
MIL: "I knew some lovely Korean ladies years back. They were just lovely!"
(awkward silence... awkward to everyone else besides the MIL anyway)
MIL:" Do you have a church that you attend? We love Jesus!"

At this point, the Mr. gave up on any escape and sits down... because, once she and his sister leave, we still have to frequently walk past this take away as it is just up our road.

As far as we know, they didn't rush to church the next Sunday, either but you never know!

She did a similar thing with him at the off licence up the road as well... (off licence they are like a convenience shop and sell alcohol - though we don't buy alcohol we do buy bread and pasta or other food from them), the owners are Turkish. In fact they are really lovely, as you will see...

They went in and she was looking for her wallet so she could top up her phone (this was when she had a pay as you go mobile phone) and she just starts nattering on about her Greek friends. The Mr. explained that they were Turkish and the shop owner nodded that yes, they were Turkish. Well, the MIL says "well, Greeks and Turks are very similar, aren't they"... the shop owner BEING IMMENSELY GRACIOUS decides not to tell her that they typically don't like each other... just nodded in agreement and said that yes I suppose they are.

Well, it isn't just international gaffes that she's good at... she'll offend anyone for anything really...

She had a young couple come to live in one of her spare rooms. They had been married about one year and were in their 20s. The wife was a few years older than her husband and she was very pretty but struggled with her weight. The husband was out of work and trying to decide what to do with his life and extremely thin.

Well, one day the couple came in the door and the girl looked flushed. So MIL asked how they were from the kitchen. The girl said that she'd missed her bus and had to walk for ages to get a different one. Well, the MIL, just not thinking... makes the comment about what good exercise walking is for losing weight. Then she started on about one of her diets as well.

This was when the Mr's sister lived with the Mum and SIL was horrified. The poor girl's countenance just dropped.

Then another time (again, these were relayed to us by the SIL so accuracy can't be confirmed... but his sister isn't one that typically tells porkie pies...) this same girl was taking some bread out of the bread box and was going to make some toast. The MIL had been in the kitchen talking with the Mr's sister. As the woman was making her toast the MIL decides to tell her about her sister, the Mr.s aunt, who lost 3 stone just by cutting out bread!

This poor girl makes the comment that she doesn't really eat a lot of bread but does like toast on the odd occasion... so the MIL says "Oh! Do you eat a lot of sweets then?". The SIL got up and left. I think she phoned the Mr. immediately after in fact. That couple found a flat very nearby her work shortly after.

But in all honesty, the MIL is a very lovely woman. Ok, not the most politically astute and well, she does tend to just get up and walk out of a room when someone is mid sentence as though she didn't realise they were talking to her, and she might tell you in the midst of a crisis that you just need to get closer to God. But she really does love God and she really does do what she can for her children and grandchildren. And even I, who have only known her for a few of her many splendoured and interesting years can see that she'd do anything for you if you were in great need and that she really does love people. Not just the ones she's related to or her friends, but all people.

She was a Street Pastor here in London before she went to care for her Mum and this 68/69 year old woman would come home from work on a Friday, have a nap, get up at 9pm and go out and share with total strangers and not get home until 2am. She would wear herself out evangelising and teaching at church. So, embarrassing moments? Yes! Funny moments? Absolutely! Would I trade her for all the jewels in Christendom? Never!
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