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My Little Girl is Home

Posted Mar 12 2009 3:11pm
First, I am so humbled by the outpouring of love, support and friendship being offered up to my little girl. She [and we] are so Blessed.

Secondly, we have great news, in the fact that the doctor believes it is viral and not leukemia.

They did find one 'blast, abnormal cell' in the marrow, but one is not considered leukemia, so they truly believe we are dealing with a viral infection. What it is, they don't know.

I am sighing a huge sigh of relief......keeping my faith that in a little while, this virus will be behind us, and my little dancer will be back to dancing.

I had mentioned in my post below on how my eyes, heart, mind and soul have been clouded and I needed clarity to see the signs around me.....and after praying it is amazing the signs I am seeing.

The biggest sign..... The outpouring of incredible and what a testament to friendship and community.

as I sat yesterday after the call that said that the smear had found two abnormal cells/blasts I picked up the newsletter I had grabbed in the lobby of Goryeb's Children and open it up.......and this bright glimmer of hope came to me as I saw the smiling face of Melissa Riggio, and an article on how the Down syndrome community has come together to provided the Valerie Fund Children's Center with the largest gift ever to benefit the went on to say "Some contributed because they were moved by her story, but many other parents of children with Down syndrome gave because they were awed by her many accomplishments."

It was such a huge sign, I realized that Emma Sage is part of this incredible group of human beings, those born with an extra chromosome on their 21st pair.........our children have a gift, one that touches humanity and brings such clarity to everyday life.

I know my little girl is going to be OK......I just know it.

I know she still needs prayers, but I know GOD has already begun to answer the biggest one I had, "Please let this be viral and not cancer"

My heart is also so very sensitive right now to every parent who has to face medical challenges with their children........I am forever changed.
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