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My 5 month DS son just started solids do you have any advice on a feeding schedual

Posted by N&S2008

I'm not sure how to go about feeding my son that has Down Syndrome he does ok with the solids so far but I don't know how much of the solids I should give him in a day.
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As long as he does well, he should be able to be on the same schedule as any average child. I have been treating my 7 month old with DS the same way I treated my 'average' 3 year old. I started with cereal at 5 months just once a day (just an introduction) and by 6 months he was having baby cereal and fruit for breakfast and veggies before bed. I also give him a couple ounces of formula with these meals. In between, he still just gets his bottle. I just follow my kids' long as he seems satisfied with what I'm giving him, I don't change anything. The only difference I see so far with my DS son is that my older one was ready for a sippy cup by 7 months, but I don't think my little one would be coordinated/strong enough to use one yet.

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