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More hurry up and waiting

Posted Apr 16 2008 12:00am
Kara went to the school districts evaluation today, I am sad to say that they did not do the OT, PT, and ST evaluations, but a vision screen, which was impossible since she cannot talk, and a hearing screen which was a tympanogram , and not a true hearing test. Kara will need a hearing test and an eye doctor appointment. So why do these first? They said why go forward with evaluations if she has vision or hearing issues? I can see their point, but I am awfully disappointed that this is all we did today.

Why? I thought she would have a full evaluation and after the report was done, we could get it to DDD. They have told me that until they have these evaluations, Kara cannot get services. Officially Kara should get all of her services from the school district, but school is out in a month and that means she cannot get anything until September. This is unacceptable to me. She needs speech and feeding therapy NOW. OT and PT are also needed, but not as essential IMHO.

They will not be able to do Kara's evaluations until June 3rd. 6 more weeks of waiting. Kara of course could care less, but mommy is disappointed.

I wanted to add, on a positive note, Kara waved bye bye to the women at Child Find. She has not done this since we left Ukraine, of course I said paka paka, and then wave bye bye Kara, and she did it. Yea! I was so proud of her. :o)
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